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Empty Room Band

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Boim as Vocal
Fajar as Guitar
Yudhy as Guitar
Ariz as Bass
Noval as Drum

EMPTY ROOM formed in December 2006, with the first formations Noval on drums, Fajar on guitar, Linja on vocals / guitar, that make up the screamo band. Because they felt less, they are looking for bass player and vocals. After a few days, they invite Uwi and Rizky to join Finally EMPTY ROOM started training with the formation Noval on drums, Fajar on guitar, Linja on vocals / guitar, Uwi on vocals, and Rizky on bass. After a while, like the other bands, they also deal with conflicts ranging from different opinions to personnel changes, Uwi out and replaced by Boim on guitar, and Linja replaced Uwi on vocals. Because this band hobby mutually exchange personnel, Linja came out well, because there are no vocals, Rizky become a vocal. and his position on bass replaced by Ariz. This formation is also long enough to struggle. And in the end Rizky have any problems, he was out as well. After Rizky out, Boim began training to be a vocal. Boim invite friends to strengthen guitar on EMPTY ROOM, namely Yudhy. now, the formation of EMPTY ROOM is Boim on vocals, Fajar on guitar, Yudhy on guitar, Ariz. on bass, Noval on drums.

Kontak Band : 08979738320 (NOVAL)
E-Mail : diskriminasihidup06@yahoo.com
Web/Blog : http://www.emptyroomempty.fourfour.com/


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